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Pall-X Gold, 1 gal.

The toughest of Pallmann’s topcoats, designed for high-wear residential and commercial applications. Four sheen levels, gallons only. Gloss and Semi-Gloss available by special order.


Pall-X Gold is the toughest of Pallmann’s topcoats, designed for high-wear residential and commercial applications.

It is a two-component water based floor polyurethane, and it is the crosslinkers in the second component that give the finish its wear and chemical resistance.

This is a crystal clear, non-yellowing formula with an unprecedented THREE-DAY cure time (under ideal conditions, of course).

The self-leveling qualities of this finish are optimized by applying it with a 3/8″ nap microfiber roller, though it can also be applied with a t-bar. Coverage rate is +/- 400sqft per gallon.

Comes in four gloss levels, and from flattest to glossiest they are: Ultra Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss.

Pete’s keeps only the Satin and Ultra Matte versions of the Pallmann finishes in inventory.

However, the Semi-Gloss and Gloss versions are available with just a few extra days of waiting time. If you need either of those sheens, call the store to place your order directly: 651-698-5888. Gallons only.

Shake vigorously before and after mixing the two components of this water based floor polyurethane. Hardener is included.

Do not freeze and do not store in temperatures above 75 degrees

Pete’s has a 30-day return policy – what’s up with that?

It may seem draconian but hear us out. We set this return limit because waterborne finishes are chemically delicate. If they are stored at very high or very low temperatures, or temperatures that fluctuate, the de-foaming agents become unstable.

The longer a gallon of finish is out of our control, the less we know about how it was handled and stored. If we can’t be sure of how a gallon of finish will behave, we won’t resell it. But if we can’t resell returns, we lose our already low margin. So, yes, we are firm on 30-day returns on all finish.

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