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PolyWhey 3000 Wood Floor Sealer


Are you looking for the next level in low-toxicity high-performing waterborne polyurethanes?

If even small amounts of isocyanates and aziridine in modern floor finishes make you uncomfortable, this is the low VOC floor sealer for you. Let us introduce you to Vermont Coatings’ PolyWhey, a line of waterborne acrylic floor protection that relies on the by-products of milk production to create hard-wearing and easy-to apply finishes.

PolyWhey 3000 is the low -OC floor sealer, or more accurately the clear primer coat that gets applied to the raw wood first, before any of the PolyWhey topcoats can be used. It sinks deep into the wood, providing a strong bond foundation for the two finish layers whose job it is take the hard knocks. Think of this as the invisible understructure of your floor’s protection.

Recommended application system: For most residential applications, one coat of PolyWhey 3000 and 2-3 coats of either PolyWhey EZ-Pro or PolyWhey 3500 Wood Floor Finish are recommended. Add additional topcoats for commercial or heavy-traffic residential flooring.

Compatibility: PolyWhey 3000 low VOC floor sealer will adhere to bare wood and most stain bases after proper preparation and dry times. Wood species can affect the stain, sealer and finish results. Prepare a sample board or test area to confirm desired appearance and compatibility.

Surface preparation: Sand and prepare floor using NWFA industry standards. Vacuum and wipe surface clean prior to coating.

Recommended applicators: Light weight T-bar coater, 3/8″ nap micro-fiber or synthetic roller or painters pad.

Coverage rate: 500-600sqft per gallon

Learn more about Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey.

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