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PolyWhey EZ-Pro Waterborne Wood Floor Finish

Vermont Natural Coatings brings us one giant leap closer to floor finishes that protect wood without causing damage to humans or their world.


Are you looking for the next level in low-toxicity high-performing waterborne polyurethanes?

Homeowners want a safe polyurethane—even small amounts of isocyanates and aziridine in modern floor finishes make them uncomfortable. Let us introduce you to Vermont Coatings’ PolyWhey, a line of waterborne acrylic floor protection that relies on the by-products of milk production to create hard-wearing and easy-to apply finishes.

EZ-Pro is a safe polyurethane waterborne wood-floor grade topcoat which is comparable to Bona Mega or Pallmann Nexgen 96, but with reduced carcinogens or mutagens and using all renewable ingredients. But it still delivers everything you would expect in a high-end floor finish:

  • Rolls or t-bars on without lines or puddles
  • Superior 600sqft per gallon coverage
  • Dries to the touch in two hours
  • Reaches full-cure in seven days
  • Easy soap and water cleanup
  • Outstanding mar and scratch resistance

But it does all that with less risk to both humans and the environment.

Available only in gallons, like all good professional products.
Can be applied with recommended 3/8″ nap roller or t-bar.

Coverage rate 500-600sqft per gallon

220-grit abrasion recommended between coats; abrasion required between coats if more than 24 has passed since previous coat.

Designed to be used over a sealer or primer coat such as PolyWhey 3000 (recommended), or Bona DriFast Sealer or stains, or even Bona NordicSeal or NaturalSeal.

Learn more about Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey.

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