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Rubio Hybrid Wood Protector, 1L

Low-VOC, easy to apply formula with added UV protection and a biocide to slow down the growth of mildew and algae. Available in 22 colors.


Rubio Hybrid Wood Protector is used to protect exterior wood: porches, decks, doors, furniture, even pergolas. Available in 22 colors.

It is the same low-VOC, easy to apply formula that we’ve come to love from Rubio, but with added UV protection to protect exterior wood and a biocide to slow down the growth of mildew and algae. Apply with a brush, followed by a five-minute wait, then all excess oil must be rubbed or buffed off. Comes in twenty colors (please, somebody, coat your porch with the Veggie green it is so fabulous).

We’ve got a nice Sanding Exterior Porches article about why this is an option to consider when coating your porch or deck.

But even though we recommend this product, please to do not expect it to last for more than two years outside without recoating!

If we could find a product that could give you more time than that, trust us, we would. Rubio Hybrid Wood Protector combines this protection with the easiest application and maintenance of all the exterior products we have tried.

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