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Rubio Monocoat performs best when mixed in a 3:1 ratio with their Part B Accelerator. But Rubio only includes accelerator with two of the four sizes they sell, the 1L and the 275mL. But if you buy a 20mL sample size or one of the 100mL bottles that have no accelerator included, what do you do? You buy this nice, stand-alone bottle of accelerator. Now, if you are just doing a bunch of sampling to help you choose a project color, you probably don’t need it. But if you are doing complex texting of layered colors or if you are making a small project that needs to be handled or packaged soon after coating, we urge you to buy and use the accelerator! It is cheap insurance to avoid the regret of smudged counters or bubble-wrap sticking to your beautiful Rubio-coated lamp base.

Oil Plus Part B is an accelerator and hardener which is used in combination with Oil Plus Part A. It reduces full cure time from 21 days to within 5 days.

75mL bottle with screw cap.