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Rubio Monocoat performs best when mixed in a 3:1 ratio with their Part B Accelerator. But Rubio only includes accelerator with two of the four sizes they sell: the 1L and the 275mL. But if you buy a 20mL sample size or one of the 100mL bottles that have no accelerator included, what do you do? You buy this nice, stand-alone bottle of accelerator.

Yes, we know that Rubio Monocoat will eventually cure without accelerator, it just takes THREE times longer. So, that is why Rubio does not bother including accelerator with their “sample” sizes. Most people who are buying those tiny quantities don’t need accelerator because they are just testing different colors on scraps for evaluation purposes – cure time doesn’t matter. But if you bought a 100mL bottle of Rubio Monocoat  oil 2C to coat your desktop or a chair, there is no accelerator included with it, but you will want it. Rubio may dry to the touch in a day or so without accelerator, but it can still water-spot and fingerprint! If you want to be able to handle the panel or drawer you just coated without waiting for 21 days, buy this bottle of Part B. If you plan to wrap any product for shipping, the surface needs to be fully cured. If you didn’t use accelerator, that means a three-week wait? Do you have time for that?

Personally, we love this separate bottle of accelerator – we find it easier to reclose than the accelerators included with the Rubio 1L and 275mL sizes. We like to have a resealable bottle of it on hand for doing little projects, but especially when we are doing spot repairs on floors. Nothing is worse that finally fixing that nasty scrape that someone left in their brand-new Rubio dining room floor, only to have smudge or spot because the cure took three weeks. An extra bottle of Rubio Accelerator is simply the cheapest insurance you could ever ask for.

Oil Plus Part B is an accelerator and hardener which is used in combination with Oil Plus Part A in a ratio of 3:1, 3 parts oil to one part accelerator. It reduces full cure time from 21 days to within 5 days.

75mL bottle with screw cap.

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