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Rubio Monocoat Sample, 20ml

Rubio Monocoat looks different on every species of wood. Check colors on your wood first! We carry all 53 of the pre-mixed Rubio colors and, of course, Pure, the un-pigmented neutral.


Check Rubio colors on your wood first, we implore you!

The great beauty of Rubio wood finish is that it looks different on every species of wood. Notice how different it looks in these samples of maple (left) and red oak (right).

But you can get differences in color even from wood from different trees of the exact same species! This is why it is crucial that you test your chosen Rubio color on wood from your actual project before you purchase enough to coat the entire area. That is exactly why they make so many colors and sell them in such cute little sample bottles.

The Rubio wood finish samples cover up to five square feet, so they are also great to have on hand for maintenance touch-ups, or even for completing small projects like cutting boards, dollhouse furniture, and those beautiful hand-turned bowls you make.

The samples do not come with the accelerator because you don’t need it for evaluating color.

Read our Rubio Monocoat – The best hardened oil finish ever! and How to apply Rubio Monocoat pages for more info.

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