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Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner, 1L

Remove every last bit of sanding dust before you apply Rubio to raw wood. Coverage rate per liter: 900sqft.


Before you apply Rubio to raw wood, you need to use Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner to make sure that every last bit of your sanding dust has been removed because Rubio will bond to a little pile of wood dust just as easily as it bonds to solid wood.

And if it bonds to your wood dust, it will turn it into a little hardened blob. The Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner will remove all traces of dust, but it will not “pop” or open up the grain, which is a risk if you use water to clean the dust from your wood.

Popped wood grain will take in the Rubio more deeply and create a darker color. If you prefer that darker color, we encourage you use water to, deliberately and evenly, pop all your wood before applying Rubio Monocoat Oil. But, if you want to remove all the dust without affecting the wood porosity, then Raw Wood Cleaner is your answer.

If you are working with an oily exotic wood or even a resiny wood like pine or fir, the Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner is crucial to temporarily remove the top layer of oil or resin from the wood so that Rubio has a better chance to bond.

1 L container

Coverage rate per liter: 900sqft; a little goes a long way!