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Rubio Universal Maintenance Oil

Available in Black, Pure or White. Coverage rate is 500sqft per 1/2 liter.


This is a great product, I just wish Rubio had found a better name for it.

“Universal” implies that it is good for everything, but that is a lie. Universal Maintenance Oil (UMO for short) is designed for three specific purposes:

  1. If you find that Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is simply too matte a finish for you, you can apply a coat of UMO over the entire floor 48 hours after the original Rubio layer to give just a hint of sheen. Use a buffer to apply the UMO over all the oil-coated surfaces – missed spots will keep the original super-matte appearance.
  2. If you already have a coat of Universal Maintenance Oil over the Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C on your floor, you will continue to use the UMO to periodically refresh the floor and maintain protection. Small areas can be done by hand; larger areas should be done with a floor buffer.
  3. If you have inherited a floor or a countertop with another, unknown brand of penetrating oil (e.g. Ikea counters) you can use the Universal Maintenance Oil to periodically refresh it. Yes, even if the original oil was a different brand than Rubio!

If you have an older Rubio floor that was not given a wall-to-wall coat of the UMO and you want to touch up your high-wear areas with a little booster coat, use the Rubio Renew product. If you use the UMO in just selective areas, the sheen difference will be very noticeable.

Comes in three colors: Pure, White, or Black.

Use Black for Charcoal or Chocolate floors and White for Cotton White, White, Smoke, or Superwhite floors, and Pure for everything else. We always inventory the Pure Universal Maintenance Oil; the colors will take a little longer to arrive.

1/2 liter bottles only. Coverage rate is 500sqft per 1/2 liter.