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80-grit discs are the matching item to 80-grit belts on the drum sander.

If you had to sand the middles of your floor with 80-grit on the drum, you will most definitely need 80-grit to sand the edges. In the universe of floor sanding grits, 80-grit is usually the finest and last grit used on the floor (except for the edges of maple and fir floors. 

The job of the 80-grit paper is to sand out the scratches from the previous grit, 60, so that the wood is effectively scratch-free. This will not leave the wood silky-smooth, nor should it. 80-grit should leave enough texture in the wood so that the finish can bond effectively, but without leaving deeply visible scratch marks.

Mineral: silicon carbide

Bolt-on style disc with 7/8” center hole