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**Sorry about the price increase on the maroon pads! This is due to a COVID-related shortage and should be TEMPORARY!**

These little beauties are the most under-utilized tools in the whole floor sanding world. These squishy, olefin nylon pads are designed to go between your machine and your sandpaper to act as a cushion to the heavy, down-grinding power of your edger. They interrupt the depth of the scratch from whatever grit you are on, making it less visible, while still allowing it to cut down the scratch from the previous grit. Yes, we even use these when we are sanding with 16-grit.

The nylon in these pads does crush down and lose its cushioning ability with use, so be sure to change your maroon pad when it seems thin or worn. We’ve included a photo of a maroon pad that has been over-used, just for reference purposes.

INSIDER TIP: When we get to the final grit of our edger sequence (either 80 or 100-grit) we automatically get a fresh maroon pad. A fresh 80 or 100-grit edger disc is necessary to cut back from the 60-grit that came before it, but with a new, fresh pad under it, it tends to leave less of its own scratch in the process.

Allow one for roughly every 100 linear feet of edging, but don’t hesitate to use more if they are crushing down more frequently than that.