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Pole Sander

For light sanding. Pole not included, but screws neatly onto any threaded pole. We also carry Rectangular Pole Sander Screens in three grits.



Yes, we are aware that this is a drywall pole sander.

We are using the pole sander “off-label” for situations where you need to sand lightly, but obtaining a floor buffer would be difficult, and sanding by hand would break your back.

For example, if you want to gently blend together the two different textures left from the drum sander and edger, but you just have a small bedroom, or a hallway where a floor buffer is like a bull in a china shop, the pole sander saves the day.

What if your finish instructions say to use a buffer between coats, but you’re at your cabin, miles from a good rental store? Pole sander to the rescue.

A pole sander is simply a glorified clamp, designed to hold a small piece of abrasive paper or screen, which is attached to a pole so you can use it standing up. Use a 100-grit screen for blend-sanding raw wood after the drum and edge sanding are complete. Use a finer grit like 150 or 180 if you are between coats. This pole sander takes any standard 4 3/16 x 11 1/4” drywall screen or paper.

Now, this is about the simplest and cheapest pole sander out there. It’s lovely, and if you just need something for one small job, it will give you a reasonable return on investment. If you plan to do a larger area, or just want to treat yourself, try this round pole sander that doesn’t tend to flip over and has easy hook and loop fastener paper attachment.

Pole not included – but this screws easily onto any threaded pole.