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Yes, we are aware that a Radius 360 pole sander is designed for sanding drywall.

We are using it “off-label” for situations where you need to sand lightly, but using a floor buffer would be a pain, and sanding by hand would break your back. For example, if you want to gently blend together the two different textures left from the drum sand and edger, but you just have a small bedroom, or a hallway where a floor buffer is like a bull in a china shop, the Radius 360 pole sander saves the day.

What if your finish instructions say to use a buffer between coats, but you’re at your cabin, miles from a good rental store? Pole sander to the rescue.

This, however, is the 5-star, gold-standard version of a pole sander.

It is round and attached to a strong but nimble swivel head and it has a really thick, cushiony pad built right in. Because they are round and well-cushioned, these pole sanders tend to flip less, making your sanding experience far more enjoyable.

If you’ve ever used a conventional, rectangular pole sander, you will understand what we mean. The 9″ diameter of the Radius 360 pole sander pole sanders means they have almost twice the surface are of old-school pole sanders, which speeds things up nicely.

These are slightly more expensive than conventional, clamp-style pole sanders, but for larger jobs, they are worth the investment. The paper (no screens) attaches with hook and loop fastener, so no annoying clamps and pinched fingers.

9″ diameter.

Pole not included, but screws neatly onto any threaded pole.