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The most perfect coating tool ever made.

Here at Pete’s we’ve tried coating with every method known to the varnishing world: brushes, lambswool blocks, pads on sticks, and rollers. We go back to using the t-bar every time.

This is NOT a roller – it’s more like a fuzzy squeegee.

But it gives the user the most sublime balance of control and coating speed imaginable. The movable U-joint allows you to walk close to your puddle and turn it just so at the end of each row, and the weight of the bar leaves behind the perfect film thickness.

It makes coating a floor feel like dancing. This petite 12″ t-bar is especially helpful for small spaces like tight kitchens and hallways. Watch our video and believe.

Handle not included; fits on any threaded broom stick – metal ferrules are best. Requires a matching 12″ T-bar coater cover, also available right here at the Pete’s online shop.

Fits on any threaded broomstick, metal ferrules are best. This product requires an 12″ coater cover. We recommend a coater cover saver.

We also have an 18″ lightweight t-bar coater, coater cover and coater cover saver.