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Once you decide to use the beautiful lightweight t-bar you will need a coater cover to make it work – like a paint roller needs a roller cover to hold paint.

DuraTool makes these with angled ends so you can coat the floor right up to the baseboard without getting finish on the baseboard itself. Soft, fine bristles that work with both oil-based and water-based finishes.

These are tough enough to last for several projects, as long as you take care of them.

This means never letting them dry out!

In between coats (or even between jobs) keep your coater soaking in the same solvent that your finish is based on (if you’re using an oil-based polyurethane, keep your coater soaking in paint thinner, but if you’re coating with a waterborne finish, submerge the coater in water).

Fits an 18″ lightweight t-bar coater. We recommend a coater cover saver.

We also have an adorable 12″ lightweight t-bar coater, coater cover and coater cover saver for more petite spaces.