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Do you hate change? Do you still use traditional oil-modified urethanes, shellacs, or varnishes? Do you need to use the applicators you’ve always used? If you’re rockin’ it oldschool, this is the lambswool floor finish applicator coater your grandma used. Same sturdy wood block that tightens with wing nuts. Same universal threaded hole that allows it to attach to any broom handle. This is actual lambswool. It is thick and fuzzy and hard to clean. But if it’s what you’re used to, you do you. There are still many older established brands, notably Waterlox,  that specify this applicator head, but they are getting hard to find.

If you already have the block, we also sell the lambswool refill.

This lambswool floor finish applicator is not recommended for waterbased polyurethanes.

10″ x 3″ block with 10″ x 7″ lambswool pad included

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