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Mohair Roller Cover, 1/4-inch nap

This is the perfect applicator for Bona DriFast Sealer if rolling is your jam and you plan to roll your topcoats.



This is a very specialized Mohair roller cover. It only has one job and it does it incredibly well: We use it to apply Bona DriFast Sealer.

Yes, we know you can apply DriFast the traditional way with a lightweight t-bar. But if you are using DriFast under another product that you are planning to apply by roller, specifically any of the Pallmann waterborne topcoats, you don’t want to learn a whole new coating technique or buy an entirely separate coating apparatus. This sweet mohair roller cover will save you all that bother and expense! These roller covers can be notoriously difficult to find, even in a big box store, so you should buy from us and simplify everything. It’s what we do.

Alas, you really can’t use this roller for anything else. Please don’t try to use it for any of your waterborne topcoats, especially if you’ve already used it to apply your oil sealer – that would be catastrophically bad! Sometimes a one-trick pony is still worth the expense.

9″ wide, fits conventional roller frame.

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