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So much less mess and spatter on your baseboards!

Yes, we know pad painters/floor trim pads are for paint. But they also great for applying polyurethane finishes around room edges, in closets, on stairs, or anywhere else a t-bar or a microfiber roller won’t go.

We strongly urge you to cut in edges with your finish as you coat the floor, otherwise you’ll be tempted to push your t-bar or roller right up against your baseboards. This leaves splashes of finish on your trim, which looks unprofessional and sad.

This is a DuraFoam Floor/Trim Finish Applicator, a 6″ wide paint pad with a nice, comfortable handle.

The handle is hollow and you will think you should put a paint pole in there so you can use this standing up, but we don’t recommend that. You will have more control and less mess if hold the handle in your hand and use it on your hands and knees – trust us, your precision and job quality will go way up. Wear non-scratching knee pads though.

The cover of this pad painter removes easily for cleaning and replacement. If you plan to reuse the same pad cover, keep it soaking in the solvent appropriate for your finish between uses.

Do not try to wash it and then let it dry – it will end up crunchy and crusty and will not leave a smooth coat.

We also have replacement pads.