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Condor Over-the-Head Ear Muffs, 19 dB, Yellow

Sanders are loud, save your eardrums.



Sanders are loud. And you run them for hours at a time, so you have to protect your ears. Inexpensive noise reducing ear muffs like these mean you have no excuse not to cover your eardrums.

Here at Pete’s, we walk behind sanders for a living and we know a lot of other people who do. Sanding takes its toll on the body, but the very first place we noticed that damage was with our hearing. But even if you only use loud flooring sanders -and friends, they are ALL loud – once in your life, you could still compromise your hearing. Flooring edgers are the absolute worst – that high-pitched whine will dissolve your eardrums within 10 minutes. But this pair of noise reducing ear muff is cheaper than the cost of just one floor applicator cover! They are probably cheaper than the socks you are wearing. How could you pass up such an easy way to prevent years of saying, “What?” to your spouse, or spending hundreds on hearing aids. So even if these are not the best ear cans out there, their value for dollar is out of the park!

Look, we know you can use those puffy blobs that you stick in your ears, but they are annoying to put in, and they don’t always stay in your ears. Ear muffs go on and off easily – no fussing or messing. Well, maybe your hair gets a little mussed. But your hearing will be saved. And these feel cushy on your head.

And that yellow is poppin’. Best $10 you ever spent, guaranteed.

Get your ear muffs, then read our complete guide to sanding your floors.

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