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Face grain dowel plugs, four wood types

Tapered face-grain plugs for repairing small holes and gouges in wood. Available in maple, red oak, walnut and cherry in various sizes.



Tapered face-grain plugs, used for repairing small holes and gouges in wood without having to pull out the whole board. Available in maple, red oak, walnut, and white oak in various sizes. We know you can just buy a dowel, cut a slice and bung it in your floor, but that will look different than these, which are cut from the same direction as the face of a hardwood board. Dowel slices will be end-grain, which is more porous and coarser, and usually turn darker than your surrounding wood after applying stain or finish.

Now, if you want the little circles to stand out from your floor, by all means cut some dowels. But if you are trying to make the fix invisible as well as quick, a face-grain plug is the way to go.

For wide gaps, use a Dutchman – a tapered shim of wood that is pounded in to the gap, nipped off and sanded flush.

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