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Nail Set, 3 size options

Remove all nails sticking up out of your floor before you start, or countersink them. Three sizes: 1/32″, 2/32″, or 3/32”.


There is nothing magical about this tool to countersink nails, or even this particular brand of this tool.

We sell this here because we constantly warn customers, online and in the shop, to make sure that there are no nails sticking up out of your floor before you start. If you can pull the nail out, do. But if you can’t pull them out, then you have to countersink nails. Nail sets let you pound the snot out of a protruding nail until it doesn’t protrude any more. We don’t care what nail set you use, just get it done.

If you’re worried about the hole it leaves, halfway through your sanding job, a little dab of sandable wood filler that matches your wood will hide it and be sanded flush and pretty by the time the job is done.

We sell three different sizes: 1/32″, 2/32″, or 3/32” because nails come in different diameters.

You will need a hammer to make this work; hammer not included.