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No matter what kind of sander you used to remove all the old finish from your floor, you’ll be left with little, slightly raised triangles of unwanted wood and finish in the corners of all your rooms.

Not to mention all your closets and each one of your stair treads. The most efficient way to clean up those corners is with a thin-bladed small floor scraper – not a paint scraper. Paint scraper blades just can’t be made sharp enough. This blade can be constantly re-sharpened so that it effectively acts like a little pull-planer.

This here is hands-down the best small floor scraper to do the job for the lowest price. Perhaps not an investment or lifetime scraper. But if you are just doing one job, this one is just the ticket.

The blade is carbon steel, which will dull quickly when removing finish, but is easy to sharpen with a single-cut mill file.

Blade is shipped without an edge, covered with a thin protective coating that will disappear as you sharpen.

6” long handle

1” blade included; replacement blades available

8″ Single Cut Bastard File not included.