What is the smallest thing that can cause the greatest damage to your finished floor?

Now we’ve hooked your interest. What is this small, lethal thing that’s going to kill my floor?

 Answer: A hard plastic caster.

These little guys, commonly found on the bottom of office chairs and shopping carts, wreak havoc on your newly refinished floor.

For any moveable object that absolutely must roll along your hardwood floors, you need soft, polyurethane casters. Their soft wheels won’t grind against your finished hardwood floor. They are quieter and less damaging, and they save you from having to refinish the floor a month or two after it was done.

We sell these at Pete’s in the store in a variety of stem or caster sizes. One 55mm flat black twin wheel swivel caster with 7/16″ x 7/8″ grip ring stem is just $10.

We know the joy of rolly office chairs (even adults should spin when no one is looking). We wouldn’t steal your joy by restricting these chairs from the newly finished floor in your office or bedroom. But we will lay the ground rules: no hard plastic. Soft polyurethane, please.

Save your floor. Resist the urge to roll around until you have the right wheels – you will thank us.

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