How to apply Pallmann Waterborne Polyurethane

The best way to apply Pallmann waterborne sealers and topcoats is with a 3/8″ nap microfiber roller, a pad painter, and a slightly adapted roller technique. We (and Pallman) prefer rolling because it lays down a thicker coat, which slows the surface flash and lets the coat level better.

Watch us coat three bedrooms and a hallway in a sweet 1910 home in St. Paul. Sure, the video is a little clunky, but it’s authentic and accurate. Maybe turn the sound off though.



Pete’s Bonus Tips

Use Pallmann hardener when making samples!


Pallmann Magic Oil requires the use of a hardener that is sold with the product, but only when you buy it in the liter size (7 color options). The Pallmann Magic Oil Sample Pucks in 75ml are sold without hardener, because Pallmann maintains that it does not change or affect the color of the Magic Oil, which means you should be able to evaluate samples without using the hardener.

But we have found this slightly problematic for two reasons:

  1. If you are trying to achieve one of Pallmann’s layered effects, the colors that they refer to as “Two Tone” you must use the Pallmann Magic Oil Part A AND the Part B Hardener to make your samples. If you do not, the two different color layers merge into one muddy layer. To get accurate results you must wait 12 hours between layers, and you must use the hardener for each layer.
  2. Even if you are evaluating a single color or a blended oil color, you must still apply two oats, and you will get a much more accurate preview of the product’s sheen and depth if you use the Pallmann Magic Oil Part B Hardener, .17L for your samples.
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