Rubio Monocoat Bourbon: the Other Neutral

Rubio Monocoat Bourbon: Better than Pure?

When our customers call us for help choosing Rubio Monocoat colors, our default is almost always Pure.

On most wood species, Pure is the easiest to apply, the easiest to maintain, and gives the warmest, most natural look. But for some, Pure is just too amber.

And the current trend in interiors seems to absolutely revile everything with even a hint of red or yellow to it.

Where does a Rubio customer turn for an easy-to-apply neutral, without warm/yellow tones? Answer: Bourbon!

You know how everything seems to go with your jeans? Well Bourbon is like the denim of the Rubio world. Bourbon has just enough light brown to take the soften the pink/orange of red oak, warm up the grey of hickory, and even keep walnut from getting too dark and too red.

Plain maple just too “Ikea” white for you? Apply Bourbon to your maple for cool, timeless light brown.

Check out the sample photos here, and stop into our storefront in MN to see more examples of Rubio Monocoat! You can also shop for Rubio in our online store.

5pWhite M Rubio small

5% White on Maple (essentially plain maple)

Pure M Rubio small

Pure on Maple

Bourbon M Rubio small

Bourbon on Maple

Bourbon RO Rubio small

Bourbon vs. Pure on red oak

hickory no finish for web

Raw hickory

Bourbon on Hickory for web

Hickory with Rubio Monocoat Bourbon (yes, both boards in the photo are hickory)

Buy your Rubio from Pete’s

Browse Rubio in our online Shop. If you live in Minneapolis /St. Paul area, come to our shop at 186 Fairview Ave. N in St. Paul, MN to take a look at our sample wall and chat with us about your project.

We’ve got 46 colors of Rubio sampled on four different species of wood, hopefully to give you an idea of how Rubio will look on your particular project.

We also have some great examples of how the Fumed and Smoke pretreatments can create some amazing effects when paired with the Rubio.