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Thin Maroon Buffer Pads

Always buy your buffer pad to match your machine diameter. Available in 13″ and 16″ sizes.


These are one of our favorite secret products for the buffer. They have two very useful purposes:

If you are using a hardwax oil product, use maroon buffer pads to protect your buffer’s drive plate from getting coated with a layer of the oil every time you flip your white or red pads. This has a magnificent grippy texture – it feels like Godzilla Velcro – which means it will hold onto your drive plate on one side and the other side will grip onto your greasy, oil-soaked white or red pad.

It lets you flip all your applicator and removal pads over, which doubles your use, but without risking permanently oiling over the nubs on the base plate of the buffer.

Trust us, when buffer plates are returned to Pete’s coated with oil, we charge waaaay more than the cost of a maroon pad.

Maroon pads are a non-metal form of steel wool and are great for scrubbing. Flooring professionals don’t like to use real steel wool around floors because the leave tiny filings of steel in the wood which can rust and leave little orange or black dots in your finish.

These thin maroon pads are perfect for preparing an existing finished floor for a recoat, especially when the floor is really dirty. A buffer with a white pad and then a thin maroon pad against the floor with a little cleaning solution, or even just a little water will scrub out a lot of grime.

Obviously, you don’t want to use this to clean a regular floor – it would leave it cleaner, but also dulled and scratched.

So, only use this when preparing for a new top coat when dulling and light scratching are exactly what you need. Works particularly well on soiled Rubio Monocoat floors to prepare them for booster coating with some fresh oil.

Available in 13″ and 16″ diameter.