We take care of the equipment you rent.

Here at Pete’s we take care of the equipment you rent.

Even when it’s heckin’ -15ºF outside in Minnesota, we use a compressor outdoors to blow all the dust out of the machines, remove build-up from wheels and inside the chassis, and examine the cords for all those cuts that customers forget to tell us about.

And we run every machine (with sandpaper on!) before it goes back into the rental pool. This is how a real business shows love to its customers.

Empty your dust bag!

Whoever was renting the drum sander above did not empty their dust bag! The fuller your dust bag, the more it blocks the internal vacuum suction of the machine. Once the air stops moving your dust, it just gets stuck in the impeller fan, and then it blocks up the area where the drum is spinning.

And you start spreading dust, rather than collecting it, not to mention creating an enormous spontaneous combustion hazard inside your very full dust bag. Check your dust bag at least once per room per grit and emtpy it when it gets half full. Or before.

You cannot empty your dust bag too often!

Always carry the chassis from your vehicle to the job!

When you roll the machine over outdoor surfaces, the wheels and the drum can be damaged by gravel and debris which can, in turn, damage your floor.

And don’t roll it over the grass either.